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Commission Quilts - T Shirt Quilts

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Although I would love to continue to buy fabric and sew quilts just for myself, (JK, I will totally continue to do so) I knew that I should open myself to create custom quilts for others. Before I purchased my first longarm, I had several co-workers who had kids graduating high school. Once they learned that I quilted, they asked if I would create t-shirt quilts for their loved ones. I had never completed one before, but I knew that I had to try.

That spring, I finished not only one but 2 t-shirt quilts. The following summer, I had another. I loved the process as although they come with some extra prep work to stabilize the t-shirts, they tend to go together quickly due to the large block size. I didn’t want to just create a quilt with shirts all the same size, I wanted to showcase as many t-shirts that I could with minimal extra fabric. And of course, cozy and soft minky on the back. I wanted these quilts to be used and snuggled.

This year, I again have 2 quilts. One I am working on currently to be completed by graduation (a surprise) and another to be completed after graduation (not a surprise) due to shirts needing to be included that they wont receive until at or near to graduation. I forgot how much I loved creating these quilts. So if you have a collection of t-shirts you have saved not sure what to do with them, reach out, I would love to connect and create something beautiful for you to enjoy for years to come.

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