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All About Stitch by Stitch Quilting

Hi, I'm Jill, the owner of Stitch by Stitch Quilting. I am a longarm quilter located out of Holmen, WI. I have 2 fur babies, Ebbie and Franklin. So when I'm not working my day job or quilting your lovely quilts, I am spending time and playing with them. 

I got into longarm quilting as a way to expand my knowledge and love for quilting. What once started as a hobby creating quilts for loved ones, has expanded into offering services to finish the quilts for your loved ones as well as create custom commissions. I never imagined that when I walked into my first quilt shop in the small town I moved to 10 years ago, my hobby to keep myself from being bored as I was away from my family, would have turned into this. I cant wait to see what it continues to grow to. 

I am always accepting new quilting clients, both in person as well as mail in clients. I hope to connect with you soon and quilt your lovely tops and return them to you fully quilted to enjoy. 

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